Puppy Life Wisdom







“I’ll Tell You” said Tele

You mean the moon to me,

the way you bright the dark.

The unconditional welcoming,

stamping its infinite mark.


You mean the sun to me,

the way you heat my soul.

That shag, that wag,

evaporating life’s toll.


You’ve encouraged me

To…Tell my truth maybe without couth

To…Laugh at missteps

To…Dream the undreamable unthinkable dream

To…Dance and nap and sing

To…Cry without reservation because there is no preservation

To…Listen, pause and then react as life’s fact

To…Jump and smell and fall and yell

Because this is your story you have to tell.


You hold my hand through the crack of day,

You hold my tired body upon the entrance home.

You say everything is going to be okay.


Although you don’t have a hand,

but a paw,

Although you don’t have words,

but a bark,

It seems you know the sacred truths,

laying down life’s law.


Bark, sniff, sleep, eat, love…repeat.

I ponder now, what it all means,

as you lay in doggy dreams so sweetly at my feet.


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